To be charged with Battery, there must be an unwanted physical contact with a person’s body, clothing, or something they are holding or making contact with.

While Battery can be committed by punching and kicking another person, it can also be committed with an object, such as a household item.

There are a variety of Battery charges that can be filed against a Defendant, for which the Defendant would need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney, including the following:

Aggravated Battery
Battery upon a Peace Officer
Battery upon a Child
Domestic Battery
Felony Battery
Felony Battery with Great Bodily Injury
Misdemeanor Battery
The punishment for Misdemeanor Battery can include County Jail time and additional penalties, depending on the circumstances of the case.

If you are being charged with a Battery offense, it is strongly advised that you hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles who can help you obtain a dismissal or a reduction of the charge.


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