DUI Lawyer in Woodland Hills

With DUI being one of the most commonly charged crimes in the Los Angeles area, it can be easy for those charges to underscore the severity of the situation.  A DUI conviction can lead to several consequences, including but not limited to a suspension of your Driver’s License, a Misdemeanor conviction, Probation, an alcohol program, and heavy fines. 

It is important then, that you speak with an experienced Los Angeles DUI Attorney as soon as possible if you are arrested for any DUI offense.

Bob Farahan has a lengthy track record of thorough and effective criminal defense for DUI cases in Southern California.  Mr. Farahan offers 24/7 service that ensures he is there when you need him. Based in Los Angeles but covering all of Southern California, Mr. Farahan understands the stress and confusion that such charges can cause.  He works diligently and precisely to defend his clients, with a track record of success stretching back over a decade, delivering the highest quality legal services to both citizens and non-citizens that have been accused of committing DUI offenses throughout the Los Angeles area.

Known for his thorough and performance in the defense of his clients, Bob Farahan. 

Call Bob Farahan directly now at (818) 687-1084.


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