The charge of driving under the influence is a straight shooter. The terms are simple and that is the fact that if the driver is found driving with a measured Blood Alcohol Concentration (“BAC”) of 0.08% or more, then there is no way to contest the charge except with a lawyer who knows how to handle the situation.

If there is physical hurt that is inflicted or an accident is caused, then the individual would be charged with the proper crimes.

A DUI charge is frustrating. The person arrested is already intoxicated and impaired at the time of the arrest and they would end up reading the charge the next day to find out that the report would state their drunken condition such as the fact that they have:

Poor balance and coordination;
The inability to walk a straight line;
Slurred speech;
Difficulty counting; and
Watery or bloodshot eyes.
There are many ways to challenge a DUI charge and a good lawyer would know how to invoke them such as:

simple mistakes on a police report;
false police assertions;
the mindset of the police upon arrest; and
any charge that could question the fact that the defendant is intoxicated.
A good lawyer would know what to do to remove a DUI charge on any client’s record. Hire a lawyer and see to it that you would have the best chance.


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