Taking away one’s life is considered as the most violent crime that a person can do. With so many things happening around the world, this one is still considered as one of the harshest things that a human can do to a fellow human that lead to more heavy charges to the convict.

Hence, it is important for individuals to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles County as soon as the charges are going to be filed because the penalties of this one are harsh and needs to be taken down a peg.

Murder Crime – Treating Minors as Adults

Minors can be treated as adults when it comes to murder. The penalties are harsh and there are a lot of penalties that may also be added by a judge and they include the following:

A “strike” on your record which will be counted as part of California’s “Three Strikes” Law; and
A maximum $10,000 fine, and
Gang related violence that lead to murder would lead to more penalties; and
There is also an additional 10, 20 or 25-years to life in prison if a firearm was used during the commission of the murder; and
Victim restitution.
The Right Defenses

In most cases, when one is charged for first degree murder, the penalty could lead to life imprisonment, death penalty, and without any kind of parole options. A criminal who was charged with murder could face the harshest of penalties but a good Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles would be able to provide the right defenses that the individual needs to lessen the penalties. The defenses that can be raised by a good defense lawyer are any of the following:

false accusations;
self defense;
defense of others;
factual innocence; or
a constitutional rights violation.
There are many defenses that an individual could raise in order to make sure that he will not be penalized harshly. A good lawyer can reduce the penalty and can also make sure that the case be dismissed if the timing is right.


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