Petty Theft is not considered as a major crime but it has a lot of harsh legal penalties. This part means that if the individual would want to prevent experiencing any of the legal penalties, he should hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer San Bernardino County to help him with his defense.

The crime of petty theft happens when “any individual who takes, steals, leads, carries or drives away any personal possessions of another person or who appropriates some property that was entrusted to him through fraudulent action, who will defraud any individual of money, property or labor intentionally and knowingly through false and fraudulent actions, who makes other individuals to file false reports of wealth, fraudulently gets a credit or property or even services of another person, will be guilty of theft”, this definition is according to California Penal Code Section 484.

In order to prove guilt, the prosecution must prove any of the following:

The defendant took possession of the property of another.
The defendant acquired one’s property without consent.
The defendant obtained the property permanently even with the knowledge that he knows that the property belongs to another.
The defendant managed to relocate the property which leads to the fact that he is keeping it away from the owner.
Regardless of the kind of property that is stolen, the consequences are still dire for the crime of petty theft. Hence, it is necessary that persons should be able to get help with the right Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles to potentially lessen the effects of conviction.


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