Robbery is defined as the unlawful and unauthorized possession of one’s property by intimidating and threatening people. Robbery involves a lethal weapon regardless of what the robber used. If the person is convicted of armed robbery, he would need to face a lot of consequences.

In some cases, robbery may be charged as a single felony or more but with the help of the right Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer who would represent the defendant, he can always go for the win and make sure that he would get the case dismissed or the charges reduced.

In order to convict an individual of robbery, the state prosecution must prove any of the following elements:

A person took something that did not belong to you
The taking happened during the presence of another person
The defendant acted without consent from the third party
The individual used pain or fear.
The defendant deprived the owner of their personal property
If a child is tried for robbery, he would go to the Division of Juvenile Justice where he is expected to change but that is not always the case with those who go to the DJJ. Hence, it is important for one to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Riverside County and get the best possible defense that he would need.


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