Ask Our Wrongful Death Attorney to Assist You With Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Woodland Hills, CA

Hold others accountable for their negligence

Do you believe the recent death of a loved one could have been avoided? Negligent acts should never go unpunished, especially when the cost is someone else’s life. You aren’t alone in this battle. Contact the Law Offices of Bob Farahan in Woodland Hills, CA to speak with a skilled wrongful death attorney.

With an in-depth knowledge of local judges and prosecutors in Southern California, we understand how to give you the best chance at success in court. We offer convenient payment plans to assist you with your legal fees.

Call 818-687-1084 today to discuss the details of your wrongful death case in Woodland Hills, CA.

What constitutes a wrongful death?

There are specific factors that must be met for the court to consider a wrongful death case. The Law Offices of Bob Farahan in Woodland Hills, CAwill gather all of the evidence to prove:

  • A death resulted from the incident
  • The incident was caused by negligence or wrongdoing
  •  The death has directly affected you or your family
  • The death has caused financial hardship

With these links clearly shown, you’ll have a much better chance at getting the financial assistance you need. Speak with a wrongful death attorney in Woodland Hills, CA today to get started.

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